Untitled (I Am The Best)

  • Blue ink on box canvas
  • 91.5cm x 152.5cm

These work focuses on our internal dialogues and concepts of status, exploring the phenomenon of positive affirmations as a way of achieving success.  The work alludes to the writing of lines in a school classroom, with an oversized plain canvas acting as the paper.  This writing of lines assumes that something bad has been done by the author, however the work alludes to an air of positivity common in the field of success making through affirmations.  The work is a questioning tool on the subject of what ‘being the best’ actually means.  In real terms there is no best – it is a non-existent state we use to administer power and control – of others and ourselves.

Price: £750

I am happy to ship overseas, please contact me for shipping costs outside of the UK

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