The Seeds are Spreading

  • Acrylic, leather and glitter on box canvas 2010
  • 76.2cm x 50.8cm

This work is inspired by my love of our natural world and my investigations into conflicts in our relationship with our environment. Seeds from non-indigenous species often threaten our native plants, borne across miles of land and along huge lengths of our waterways in the air and on insects and animals. As we move from place to place, our lives becoming ever more transient, this has a knock on impact on the places around us. In this work the seeds are thrown up into the air and appear to be suspended – at the mercy of chaotic and unpredictable forces. In a sense it questions what actual power we have to effect change, with seemingly insurmountable external forces acting of their own accord. The picture alludes also to population explosion and how the outcome is almost impossible to predict and even less easy to control or organise – one puff of wind and the direction has changed again.

Price: £125

I am happy to ship overseas, please contact me for shipping costs outside of the UK

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