Filey Coast No.1

Acrylic on box canvas 76.2cm x 50.8cm A beautiful, calming and tranquil artwork, evoking the nature of the Filey coastline just as a rainstorm starts coming in off the sea.  The paint rises up off the canvas along the line of the sea – a powerful, foreboding and impenetrable mass. Price: £125

Yorkshire Coast No.1

SOLD Acrylic on box canvas 152.5cm x 40.7cm This horizontally elongated canvas promotes the essence of the Yorkshire coast, with its beautiful geological history emblazoned across the cliffs for miles.  Layer upon layer of sediment contains precious fossils, hunted by many. The use of paint gives this painting a tactile quality and brings the viewer …

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Yorkshire Coast No.2

SOLD Acrylic, paper, leather and varnish on box canvas 1.52cm x 40.7 cm This artwork was created following a first visit to the Yorkshire Coast at Filey, Scarborough and Whitby.  The coastline, rugged and seeped in geological history, provided deep inspiration for the Yorkshire Coast paintings. Using a range of materials, the ephemeral nature and …

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Filey Blue Sky

Acrylic on box canvas 76.2cm x 50.8cm During a week-long visit to the Yorkshire Coast each day presented a whole new experience, from volatile and moody skies, to instantaneous downpours to this – open, expansive blue skies stretching to infinity.  Associated with this is the idea of our infinitesimal existence within the wide openness that …

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