I DO LOVE YOU… new artwork

  • Acrylic on box canvas
  • 61cm x 30.5cm

This new artwork developed from previous work entitled ‘I just love you’.  The work, on a smaller scale than the previous work, uses a dark red/ pink as the base colour, with rainbow colours dispersed throughout the painting, giving a nod to sexual diversity.  Originally inspired by Derek Jarman’s work at Manchester City Art Gallery, this uses text as a central link between the viewer and the work.

The work discretely deals with the conflict between marriage and civil partnerships, with reference to marriage through use of the words ‘I do’ carved into the rainbow coloured canvas.  For non-heterosexual people, marriage is not an option – ‘I do’ doesn’t exist in the same way, but rather sets the LGBT community apart from heterosexuals.  Many see this as an unacceptable and unequal status, which must be changed.

Price: £125

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