I support people to become. To uncover their inner mojo. To explore their intentions and ambitions. To take action. To achieve.

Currently researching leadership, gender and social capital in the outdoor industries, I am interested in how our social networks, social norms and hidden social sanctions affect leadership progression of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

I have enabled people at all stages of their career journeys to move to the next step and beyond, by delivering expert career coaching, group seminars and workshops. I have witnessed the gap experienced by students without access to high quality social networks. I have observed the unwritten rules stopping people in their career tracks.

Through working with vulnerable people, those at risk, school pupils, college students and students of all ages in HE, and through my work in the outdoor industry, I have gained a deep and broad understanding of the challenges faced across sectors, and now I am putting this experience to use through rigorous research, directly in the field of my passion – the outdoors.

As a rock climber, I have experienced first hand how being a part of the rock climbing network has afforded me access to the type of social capital which makes a difference to the smoothness of my life. It makes life easier when we can call upon others in our time of need, and when we can be there to support others in their times of need.

But there is a question in my mind.

Why are there so few women at the higher end of the leadership spectrum? Where are those incredible, talented and hardworking women that I see in the lower leadership roles? Does social capital play a role in this? I think so, and this is what I am exploring in my research.

I continue to be a career adviser, an enabler and a facilitator. You can follow my journey through the many strands of life here on my blog, and on Youtube.