Whalley Range and Chorlton Craft Fairs

I am not currently running Craft Fairs in Chorlton or Whalley Range, but do organise a monthly Fair in Levenshulme, which you can find out about by clicking here.

You can find out about future fairs first by signing up here.

4 thoughts on “Whalley Range and Chorlton Craft Fairs”

  1. corrine aldred

    Hi i was just wondering the dates an locations for future craft fairs and the price range of stalls so i can start to create a stock pile ready for them. Thank you

    1. Hi Corrine,

      I am not planning to run any craft fairs in Whalley Range/Chorlton due to Manchester Markets/City Council conferring charges for a market licence upon such events. The charges make it financially unviable.

      The Levenshulme Inspire Fairs are running every month though with stall fees as follows:

      Stall in Cafe area: £17

      Stall in Hallway area: £15

      Stall in Community / Inspire Suite: £12

      You can sign up on the website in the tab Register for a Craft Fair Stall. Check out the information for Artists, Crafters and Stallholders tab first though – it should have all the info you need.
      Look forward to seeing you at one of the fairs.


  2. I am looking for an art class for my 12 year old daughter and myself to take this Fall. Where exactly are you located?

    1. Hi Rosemary, Thank you. I am based in Denton: M34 2JT. My evening classes will be taking place here, but my Friday daytime classes take place from 10am in Levenshulme. Please feel free to email me: hello@emilypitts.com or call me 07870 360213 if you’d like to know any more about my classes. Emily

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