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Alongside creating Artworks and running Art Classes I run craft fairs at Inspire in Levenshulme.  I aim to provide local crafters, traders and artisans with spaces where they can exhibit in comfortable environments that are well attended by local people.  By bringing together crafters in high quality local venues I hope to improve local commerce – keeping investment local.  Here is some information for prospective stall holders:

1.  What is provided?

To create a positive atmosphere and coherent look table coverings are provided.  They are either Purple or Bright Pink.  Tables are provided.  Table sizes range from 4ft to 6ft.  Tables are allocated each month prior to the event and a table plan distributed on the day, so you know where you are.  If you want to ensure you get a 6ft table, you can bring your own with you, but please let me know in advance.  Please do not contact me about the size of tables.  Tables will be allocated as fairly as possible.  If you do multiple fairs, I will ensure that the table distribution is equitable.  Your stall fee includes 2 free teas/coffees at the Bubble Cafe.  On the day you will receive these by 1pm at the latest.

2.  Marketing & Promotion

As a stallholder you are expected to be actively involved in promoting and marketing the event.  There is a section on the full registration form, which asks what you will contribute to the promotion of the fair.  The events are a collaborative effort and as such we need all stall holders to contribute to ensure the events are a success for everyone.  Flyers are available from Levenshulme Inspire prior to the fair, which you may collect and distribute to your networks.  Please follow me on Twitter: EPittsCREATIVE – I will tweet and you can retweet to spread the word.  There is a Facebook page, where you can post information about your products and link-backs to your website.  You may also promote this to your networks to encourage visitors to the event.

Other marketing includes:

  • Press Releases – local Press, MEN
  • Website updates
  • Online Newsletter
  • Email invites
  • Local websites – I.e

3.  Payment

Payment is required upfront to reserve your stall.  When you have registered, you will be sent information regarding payment.  Payment is required either by Cash to the venue or Bank Transfer, details of which will be made available to you once your stall has been confirmed.  If you do not pay within the timescale indicated your stall will be offered to someone else.

4.  Not all applications will be successful

To make sure the event is interesting, we need a good mix of different stalls.  If there are too many of one particular type of stall, I will alternate the months.  You will be notified by email.  You must then send payment in time for the stall to be confirmed.  If you don’t pay in time your stall will be given to another person.

5.  Help

If you are new to exhibiting at fairs and would like some help, please contact me and I will try to do my best to support you and to help you to have a profitable fair.

6.  What sells?

Feedback received from stall holders indicates that lower ticket-price items sell better at the Levenshulme Fair.  If you bear this in mind when selecting your stock, it may help you to sell more if you have a stall.  There are a large number of families amongst the visitors, so marketing to children, may help you to sell more.

7.  Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you are unable to attend an event, your stall fee is forfeited for that month.

8.  Consent

By sending back your online form you are consenting to images of your products being used for publicity and marketing.  This may include images being placed on Facebook, Twitter, Flyers, Posters, Inspire website, website and other websites and marketing materials in conjunction with the Market Fairs.

9.  Prize Draws & Competitions

To encourage footfall to the fairs, we run competitions and prize draws.  You will be asked to contribute a product worth £5 or more for each fair as a prize.  The prizes will be put together to create a ‘Craft Hamper’.  You may include your business cards and business information for the winner to refer to and pass on to their friends or find you online.

10.  Fair Dates and Information

I am currently taking registrations for the following fairs:

  • Levenshulme Inspire Summer Fun Day Fair:  Saturday 16th July:  11am-4pm
  • Levenshulme Inspire Craft Fair:  Saturday 6th August: 12-4pm
  • Levenshulme Inspire Christmas Fair:  Saturday 3rd September: 12-4pm
  • Levenshulme Inspire Christmas Fair:  Saturday 1st October: 12-4pm
  • Levenshulme Inspire Christmas Fair: Saturday 5th November: 12-4pm
  • Levenshulme Inspire Christmas Fair: Saturday 3rd December: 12-4pm

Levenshulme Market Fair – More Information

The address of the venue is:

Levenshulme Inspire,

747 Stockport Rd,


M19 3AR

This is currently held every 3rd Saturday of the month: 12-4pm.  It is a collaborative event between Inspire, the Venue, the Bubble Cafe and me, aimed at promoting local enterprise, promoting Inspire and supporting the whole community to develop and come together.  Rather than being solely a craft fair the Market Fair will hopefully have a range of products including hand-made health & beauty products, local fashion products, local food/ fruit/veg.  We’re open to suggestions to make this an interesting destination with a variety of things that people will want to buy – fresh ideas as well as tried and tested are welcome.

Summer Fun Day – Levenshulme Inspire.  The July Fair on 16th July 11am-4pm, will incorporate craft stalls, a roller disco/ roller skating workshops, ALLfm radio broadcasting, CD Fair, balloon-making, temporary tattoo stall, badge-making and many more activities.

From August the Fair will run every 1st Saturday of the month, with events from September to December being Christmas Fairs.

11.  Cost of a Stall

Stall in Cafe area:  £17

Stall in Hallway area: £15

Stall in Community / Inspire Suite: £12

12.  Registration

There are 2 Steps.  If you wish to proceed to Step 1, please click here.

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  1. I wanted to run a stall to raise moneyfor Greenbank park which is in Levenshulme at the Xmas fair- we would do a raffle and bric/brac or tombola. I know this isn’t craft but we are trying our best to improve an area at the heart of the community. We can’t afford to pay for the stall so would ask you to consider waving the fee or we could offer you a portion of whatever we make. I really appreciate your time and hope that we can be part of the fair. Much thanks hannah

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