CING 2nd Birthday Party & New Project Launch

Monday saw the launch of CING‘s new Project with Future Everything, alongside a marketplace of fabulous creative work from Manchester’s finest creative individuals and businesses.

The event was hugely attended and I had a great time, meeting new people and sharing ideas for projects and works.  Hive, on Lever Street was  a spacious, open and architecturally interesting venue, with tactile fair-faced concrete surrounded by elegant windows that frame the cityscape perfectly.  My tactile artworks seemed quite at home within the Creative Marketplace in the minimal environment of the Studio.  The event brought together creative industry support networks and creative businesses in an maelstrom of artistic, digital and creative display, which facilitated a fantastic feel-good factor and promoted Manchester’s Creative Industries brilliantly.

If you haven’t visited the Hive yet, you should – hidden away and adjacent to the 4th floor studio is a stunning terrace that offers a totally new view of Manchester.  It’s a great hidden place in Manchester!

The official review is here.

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  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for letting me know about this. I will speak to the wonderful people who have put together my website and see what’s happening.

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