Career Coaching

Everyone has a different goal, a unique personality and a surprising array of options. My coaching service is designed to help you discover, refine, and create a bespoke path to success. Whether uncovering hidden opportunities, refining existing options, or crafting a personalised step-by-step plan, my focus is on your individual needs, at your pace.

What you will gain:

  1. Tailored Coaching: An approach centred on your unique situation, incorporating 20+ years of successfull coaching expertise. Each session is tailored to your personal journey, providing the clarity you need to move forward.
  2. Professional Expertise: Benefit from the insights of an expert backed up research, evidence, and tried-and-tested strategies.
  3. Industry Insight: Gain valuable industry insights to navigate your career path effectively, ensuring you make informed decisions from the very best information.

What to Expect:

Coaching sessions are designed to be:

  1. Challenging: Pushing you beyond your comfort zone.
  2. Interesting: Engaging and thought-provoking discussions.
  3. Fun: A positive and enjoyable experience.
  4. Reflective: Encouraging self-reflection and introspection.
  5. Enlightening: Shedding light on new perspectives.
  6. Powerful: Empowering you to take control of your career.
  7. Exciting: Creating anticipation for positive change.
  8. Life-changing: Transforming your approach to career development.

Throughout our sessions, expect to think differently, explore new ideas, and experience a blend of challenge and empathy. While not a substitute for therapy, the empathetic environment provides a space for you to plan and explore the steps towards a rich, revitalised and fulfilling life.

Make an investment in yourself

PackageWhat’s includedInvestmentWho is this for?
Individual 1.5hr coaching session
plus resource pack
£195Perfect for straightforward consultations and quick results
Career ChangerFour x 1 hr coaching session£750For anyone looking to pivot into a new career or sector
Executive Transformation Eight x 1 hr intensive coaching, email support£1395Designed for executives and professionals aiming for a big career breakthrough
Intensive Coaching RetreatTwelve hours of dedicated coaching over two days in a luxury setting, exclusive access to tools and resources£2450An immersive, intensive retreat experience with a customised agenda and well-being focus
Mastery ProgrammeFour-month programme comprising comprehensive assessment, bi-weekly coaching sessions, mid-term review, dedicated email support, exclusive tools and resources£3950For those looking for sustained support on a transformative journey

Apply for coaching

This coaching service is designed for those people who are ready and committed to transformative change. To provide my clients with the best possible outcomes, my coaching slots are limited, and to ensure the best fit for you, I operate a selective application process.

I am truly passionate about working with individuals who are navigating seemingly intractable challenges in their careers. I thrive on the opportunity to guide and support clients through complex situations, turning what may appear insurmountable problems into opportunities for growth and success. My track record includes hundreds of instances of helping individuals overcome obstacles, leading them to achieve outstanding success. I find immense satisfaction in facilitating transformative journeys and witnessing clients not only overcome challenges but emerging stronger and more accomplished on the other side. If you’re facing a tough career dilemma, I’m here to help you navigate a way through, to achieve the outstanding success you deserve.”