Beneath the Poppies No. 1


  • Acrylic, string, leather off-cuts and glitter on canvas 2010
  • 50.8cm x 50.8cm

Layers of paint and off cuts of leather form the basis of the “All That Glitters..” Collection. The series investigates things going on below the surface, in relation to ecology & nature, and our place within that. The work refers to nature’s capability of renewing and re-shaping itself to adapt to the effects of human activity and in response to our treatment of the natural world. Fleeting elements come through from underneath the top layer of paint, indistinguishable but nevertheless asserting their mark. Covering the whole piece is a layer of glinting glitter, like a piece of cellophane packaging, creating a beautiful sheen and deflecting all but attentive eyes from what lies below.

Price: £SOLD

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