Social Media Training for the Arts

Social Media Training


Social Media is an area where lots of people feel confused, but don’t want to sound stupid, and so they don’t speak up.  I deliver sessions for groups and individuals to help you learn the basics of how to use Social Media.  My sessions can cover Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Youtube and Vimeo.  I cover these areas of Social Media in a way that is:


  • Personalised – Individualised to what you need to know
  • Easy to Understand – Bite sized chunks, Visual presentation
  • At your Speed – Adapted to the group’s aims
  • Easy to try out – at the session, with support



I am a female Social Media Trainer and I have delivered sessions to people from ages 18 to 70 and from a range of backgrounds.  What I would say is that no question is silly when it comes to social media – I hope to create an atmosphere where you feel you can ask any question and it will get a succinct, digestible answer.

Who is the Social Media Training for?
  • People who have never used any Social Media
  • Professionals who want to use Social Media for business (Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Artists who want to use Social Media to promote artwork
  • Job Seekers who can use Social Media to find employment


What other people say about my training:

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

“Emily provided me with a day’s 1 to 1 training in all things related to social media. I’m now up and running on Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Linkedin as I needed a beginner’s session – but she could have provided so much more with the expertise she had. IShe provided essential follow up and will still answer my queries! Emily was very professional in her approach and planned a tailored session for me. She had no end of patience with my many questions. She gave easy to follow explanations and made the session hands on. Excellent!!” June 19, 2011  Gill




I can run sessions from a half day up to three days.  My day rate is £200.  If you want to club together with four friends, you can have a personalised session for five people for £20 each for 2.5 hours or for £40 each for 5 hours.  Obviously the more people there are, the cheaper it will be, but it will also become less personalised, as there are more people to please!  Prior to the session I will ask what specifically you want to gain from the session and I will tailor the session to your exact needs.

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