Art In Schools

If you want an artist to come in to your school and make a sculpture out of yoghurt pots, then I’m probably not the one for you.  If you want an artist who can:

  • Challenge pupils
  • Link to the curriculum
  • Help pupils develop independent thinking skills
  • Work with pupils of all abilities
  • Manage behaviour of pupils who may have difficult lives
  • Collaborate and create innovative artworks

Then perhaps you should email me for a chat about your ideas and how we can collaborate to make them a reality.  For fifteen years I have worked with challenging young people in schools, youth clubs and on the streets.  Here are some recent projects:


Oakwood Academy & Oasis Academy  // This is Me      2012/13



Following the success of the Question of Identity Project, Emily was asked to work on a joint project Oakwood Academy and Oasis Academy, which began on a study visit to France in 2012 with a group of pupils from Years 9 and 11 and will end in an exhibition at the Lowry in June 2013.  Using the overarching theme of Russian Constructivism as the starting point, Emily worked with the Maths, ICT and RMT departments to develop a series of interventions that incorporated all of these areas creatively into the project.  Emily worked independently in a dedicated space in the school with the young people to develop their knowledge of Constructivism and thinking skills.  They worked to apply their knowledge to create outputs of high enough quality for exhibition in a commercial gallery setting.


Emily says: “  As the school is one for pupils with additional needs, the sessions involved a high level of personalisation – this was a great thing to be able to do as an artist, to be able to work with people of all abilities and each able to contribute in a unique way to the group dynamics and the production of challenging artwork.  Another thing that was really good about this project was that we incorporated the curriculum massively – the young people got to develop their skills in maths, on computers, with Ipads, using Iphones thereby gaining an understanding of all sorts of things they will go out and use every day once they become adults.  It put them right in touch with how ICT can be used to make cool things, whilst also allowing them each to create a truly individual piece of work – it was driven by their ideas.  The exhibition of work is going on tour in the North West, starting at a special venue (to be announced) in May 2013 and then going to the Lowry in June 2013.  The fact that the work they’ve produced is of a standard to be exhibited commercially is due to the care and attention of the young people – they rose to the challenge throughout the project.  It’s been a really exciting project.”


Oakwood Academy // A Question of Identity 2012


Emily has been working with Oakwood Academy since the start of 2012 as an Artist leading workshops with pupils from Years 9 to 11.   Her first project involved working with the Head of Languages at Oakwood Academy in collaboration with Elmar Hermann, a German Artist working at the University of Dusseldorf and was inspired by the story of Tarzan.  The collaboration involved pupils using Skype to communicate their ideas with Elmar, in Germany, followed by periods of making.  The project culminated in the exhibition of a group piece at The Lowry Theatre in Salford.  The project is one, which may develop further to be exhibited abroad.

Emily’s comments:       “ The work I do involves taking a subject and using it as a starting point to develop work that is completely individual to the group and individuals with whom I’m working.  What’s key for me is the engagement of people’s brains and ideas into the projects that I facilitate.  Collaboration is what the work is about – it’s a way of helping participants to engage on a level that is more than superficial.  I hope that it enables young people to think on a deeper level and develop as individuals.  We discuss all sorts of topics – The beauty Industry, Discrimination of disabled people, Image and perception, How our identity is formed, What ‘family’ means.  These are all important parts of becoming an adult and an independent human being who can take responsibility for your actions and beliefs.  ”


What other people say:


“ Emily is an exceptionally talented artist, and a highly innovative creative professional. Very driven and hard working, Emily has a strong vision that has inspired the development of my own business. ??I am also a proud owner of an artwork created by Emily and I look forward to developing our business partnership as our businesses grow.  “  Natasha Hirst Professional photographer



Emily offers free 2 hour consultations to schools who have an idea and would like to develop it further with the help of an artist and creative thinker.


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