Art Class Information – Is it for me?

Beginner’s Art Classes

The art class is designed for beginners and people who have not used acrylic paints before or who may have done painting many years ago.  The classes are designed to run in a 4 or 5 week block, so that we can work through a programme and progress.

The classes aim to:

  • Be fun
  • Introduce you to using acrylic paints – how they feel, what they look like
  • Help you to understand colour – colours to use, mixing colours & how colours ‘work’
  • Get to know a bit about other artists – who uses acrylics, how do they look on a canvas

If you can spend just a few minutes looking around the artwork on the website, you will see the type of artwork I make and this gives an indication of the types of paintings we will be working towards in your classes.  If there’s something in particular you’re interested in learning about, I will do my best to fit it into the class.  In my current class we have looked at well-known artists from the 1960’s who used acrylics in different ways.  I have adapted the lessons to include students’ particular interests in blending and texture in their artworks.

I’ve never painted before and I’m worried I might not be able to do it

Don’t worry.  Most people doing the class will be in the same position.  We will start slowly and work at your pace to help you gain confidence and enjoy the class.  We will do small, fun, mini-projects – some even 10 minutes long – so that you can experiment and see what things you enjoy and like to do.

Do you set homework?

Yes…and no!  If you would like to carry on and practise outside of the class, I can give you some work to try out.  However, it’s not a requirement.  The main thing is that you can come and enjoy the class, learn something new and have a go in a relaxed environment.  If you’d like to get some equipment to help you practise outside the class, I can help you to find the right materials that won’t cost a large amount, so that you can get started ad have a go whenever you feel like it.

I’m still not sure…

If you want to attend, but don’t feel confident or have any questions, you can ring me or leave a message below and we can discuss or meet up before the lesson to talk through the class.

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