How to Sign up for a Class

Before you sign up, take a look at the information on:

Art Class Information – Is it for me?

This will ensure that you have all the information to know that it’s the sort of art class you’re looking for.  The classes are run in either 4 or 5 week blocks, so that you can get to know the other people in the class and so that you can progress each week.  Payment is made a week in advance or up front at the start of the course.

How to Sign Up

You can sign up in a number of ways:


Telephone: Emily on 07870 360213

For Levenshulme Classes: Drop into Inspire Levenshulme and sign up at Reception

2 thoughts on “How to Sign up for a Class”

    1. Hi Rawan,

      Thanks for the message and apologies for the tardy reply. I am not currently running classes, as I have too many other projects on the go to be able to focus enough energy on running a regular class. However, Sarah at Rogue Studios does a drawing class, which has had excellent feedback from our creative peers. The classes are excellent value – you can find out more here:

      Good luck and if you need any more info email me at

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