Art & Architecture

Welcome to My Creative Universe. In the ever-evolving landscape of the 21st century, creativity is a compass guiding us through uncertain and complex experiences, providing solutions to impenetrable problems and making the impossible possible. My creative journey spans a spectrum, weaving through architecture, education, conceptual art, and out into the great outdoors. Life’s richness is found in serendipitous moments, brought about by plunging oneself into the unknown, to feel discomfort in its many guises. My life pursuits reflect this belief.

The Essence of Creativity

I express my creativity through various forms.

  • Tactile Art: Using paint and diverse materials, my tactile artworks explore different themes, extending and invitation to engage hands-on.
  • Conceptual Art: Ideas serve as the core of my conceptual artworks, transforming ideas into visually compelling creations that provoke thought.
  • Collaborative Endeavors: I find inspiration in collaboration, creating work with and inspired by others, fostering connections and shared experiences.

My creative journey extends beyond personal projects to encompass meaningful collaborations with schools and communities. Through project work, I break free from conventional boundaries, engaging with new ideas and contributing to the broader community. Some key themes include:

  1. Materiality: I revel in the exploration of different materials, immersing myself physically in the creative process.
  2. Evocation: My work employs materials in unexpected ways to evoke emotions, fostering connections and memorable experiences.
  3. Questions: My art encourages emotional connections and invites personal interpretations.
  4. Text: My passion for language is expressed through artworks which explore the nuances of everyday expressions and provide space for reflection.
  5. Environment: A passionate environmentalist, my work reflects observations of landscapes and a commitment to sustainability.
  6. Challenge: I challenge preconceptions, sparking discussions, debates, and social commentary.


Architecture is like baking a cake. There are lots of recipes – different types for every occasion. The ingredients are fairly similar within each typological grouping, some being cheaper and others more expensive. Ultimately it’s the exact combination, timing, care and attention to detail that governs how the cake will turn out. No single cake is to everyone’s taste. It’s the same with architecture – there is an interdependence that exists between each architectural element – landscape, structure, detail, technology, materiality, volume, light, context, sustainability and event. How these are treated and unified throughout the whole process of design governs the outcome. Here, you can find out about the architectural cake-baking exploits I undertook during my degree in architecture. Enjoy the projects:

Beyond the Canvas: Puppetry, Workshops, and Consulting

In addition to visual art and architecture, my creative journey has extended into puppet-making, educational workshops, and consulting for arts organisations. This multifaceted approach allows me to explore the world and weave creativity into daily life.