Model-making is the way in which I investigate everything about a project. Starting from research there is a move from the general to the specific as the project progresses. Methods of model making will depend very much on the project, requirements, concept development and type of output required, starting perhaps with a laser-cut models at 1:2000 of the locality – edited to demonstrate peculiarities of site or important elements of the context. The type produced at the end of a project might include 1:50 purely interior models showing perhaps the light, materiality, spatial organisation or hierarchy. In between are multifarious examples, each with different qualities and investigating something different about the project. Only towards the end of the project do ‘presentation’ models begin to emerge – the synthesis of all models produced thus far. A model is the best visual representation of a project – giving something of the essence of how it will feel or look – something which is difficult to achieve in a drawing.

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