Granada Park Proposal

The Park, which sits in a leafy residential area, has little to offer the local residents. Large in size, it presently accommodates a small play area for children and two football pitches. Local residents were approached for their ideas for the park. The response is a result of local investigation and previous landscape investigations in urban and suburban park spaces.

The municipal park functions to meet the needs of today’s user and to adapt to the needs of the future. The proposal is to create a processional raised walkway around the edge of the park, aimed at those wishing to travel a distance within the park perimeter – specifically those walking dogs. The central spine offers access from one end of the park to the other and to either side is a grassed bank leading on one side to the car park and on the other to the football pitches. Safety and security is critical and sight lines are maintained by ensuring the banking remains at a low level. Materials define boundaries, edges and thresholds, with timber, concrete and other tactile materials working together to create a coherent whole.

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