After Birth

  • Acrylic, varnish, fabric, plastic on canvas.
  • 102cm x 81cm

This work was created following the birth of my daughter in 2001.  It investigates the emotion and physicality of giving birth and the way in which this permeates life after having a child, coupled with the rigorous and, at times, monotonous and isolating routine that is imposed on you once you have another being to care for.

The work uses single word text to indicate different aspects of the routine you encounter with a new baby.  The actual experience of giving birth and rearing for the first time is alien and no-one can prepare you for it.

Materials used in this work relate directly to child bearing and rearing: plastic bottle teats, nappy liners, bathing flannel, giving the piece and immediacy and directness. However the piece is also extremely tactile and inviting.

Price: Not for Sale (now showing at Birthrites collection website)

‘Afterbirth’ – is now showing on the following website:

The artwork with the most votes will become part of the Birthrites Permanent collection.  If you could spare a minute to go on and vote for your favourite (mine, I hope!!) I would really appreciate your support.  If you’re feeling extra generous, pass on the love and ask others to vote too – it’s a great collection – one of a kind.

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