A dynamic professional, with a rich tapestry of experiences reflecting a commitment to both individual development and community growth. The roots of her passion for making a positive impact lie in youth work, where Emily dedicated herself to empowering and advising vulnerable young people in deprived areas. Building on this foundation, she transitioned into career coaching, employing her expertise to guide individuals through their professional journeys.

Parallel to her commitment to human development, Emily fostered artistic endeavours, which led to a degree in Architecture and subsequently branching into the creative industries. Embracing a portfolio career, Emily embarked on a series of collaborative capacity-building projects with community organisations and non-profit ventures which amalgamated her passion for people, communities, creativity and data. Most recently, drawing upon her architectural expertise, Emily began the restoration of a 19th-century quarryman’s cottage at the edge of Eryri, and she now consults and works on selected traditional building projects, emphasising holistic treatment and traditional methods.  

Emily’s work defies easy classification; it is characterised by its varied, interdisciplinary nature, reflecting the dynamic landscape of the 21st century. In 2013 Emily extended her leadership to the outdoor sector after becoming an avid mountaineer. She launched and led Womenclimb, working with industry partners including the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) to build the UK’s largest women’s outdoor network. Leveraging these experiences, she delved into the topic of social capital by pursuing doctoral research, with a dual focus on the underrepresentation of women in leadership within mountaineering and the role of social capital in freelance labour markets, exemplifying her commitment to bridging theory and real-world application. 

As a result of her research, she conducts masterclasses group seminars, lectures and workshops. Her academic contributions extend to lecturing and module leadership at Sheffield Hallam University and UCO, where she shared her expertise in digital marketing, destination marketing, and professional practice. As a tech-savvy professional, Emily combines her expertise by delivering personalised coaching which empowers individuals to uncover their inner potential, explore ambitions, and take decisive action to achieve their goals.

Emily embodies a unique blend of professionalism and creativity, navigating varied landscapes to inspire individuals and communities. Her commitment to research and advocacy reflects a vision for a more inclusive and empowered future, where social structures, the built environment and the natural world support people to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.