This Way:Up

by Emily Pitts on May 4, 2011

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For Chorlton Arts Festival I have been working with Bread Art Collective as part of their This Way:Up project.  The project is an inspiring collaboration between Bread, Young people, Artists and Businesses in Chorlton, culminating in an exciting array of artworks and interventions in the area for the Festival 19th – 31st May 2011.

Here’s  sneak preview of the work I have created for the project – see if you can find it around the Beech Rd area from 19th May!!  If you’d like to find more about this artwork, come along to WORDY WOMEN:  A discussion about artists and text on Monday 23rd May 7.30 at Chorlton Library and afterwards at Nip & Tipple on Upper Chorlton Rd.

You can find out more about the rest of the project by going to the Bread website.

For more information about the Chorlton Arts Festival you can go to the Festival Website.


Sparkle…New Artwork

by Emily Pitts on May 4, 2011

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Here’s a sneak preview of a new artwork for the All that Glitters Collection, in advance of a large scale version I’m going to be working on over the next month or so.

This artwork is inspired by the natural world and the spreading of nature discretely as we go around our daily chores and business.  A constantly evolving environment responds to the changing seasons and the earth’s natural clock, the sun, in a variety of ways.  Our busy lives can prevent us from seeing the glory of nature and the sparkle and value that it can add to our lives on top of the life-giving function that flora contributes to our planet. To see this artwork and many more you can visit my studio – email me at or call 07870 360213.

£95 excl.


As part of Chorlton Arts Festival the Internation Intervention Clash Mob, of which I am a third, are planning a very special Guerilla Intervention in Chorlton on 5th May, two weeks before the festival even gets started. We are a collective consisting of an artist (me), film-maker and visual stylist, brought together at the Creative Industries Networking Group; a group of over a thousand members of the creative industries who meet regularly to share, collaborate and explore new opportunities. The plan for the Festival involves an unconventional look at everyday life, brought about by bringing the inside out and putting our everyday spaces under the microscope on the streets of Chorlton. The fabric of everyday – familiar rooms – will be brought to bus stops around the area, with the public being encouraged to take a second look at those familiar spaces and re-examine them afresh. By filming the interventions and playing it back during the festival, we hope to re-engage people in their city spaces and re-appraise their place within them.

“This is a chance to bring together two separate worlds, the home and the bus stop, and to observe the interaction of the public who are already a part of those spaces. We hope it will give people the authority to do something different and in doing so create a higher level of freedom in the places that effectively belong to us all.” The work of the collective draws upon the public art works of artists such as Helen Marshall and Jenny Holzer, each of whom work within the public realm to challenge the viewer and to engage people outside formal gallery spaces.

“This work investigates the individual’s role in city space, the role of the bus stop as a key node of interaction and the idea of community and what communities mean in the 21st century,” says Louise Broadstock. “As a visual stylist, it’s interesting to create unusual juxtapositions and to make people take a second glance.”

Sarah Hodgetts, film-maker for Alias Productions, will be documenting the events that unfurl on film, which will be screened at the opening of the Chorlton Arts Festival at 7.30pm on 19th May at Odder.  So, if you dream of being immortalised on screen, get to Chorlton on Thursday 5th May and become part of our guerilla experiment.


Come to the fabulous Market Fair in Levenshulme at Inspire on Saturday 16th April for some Easter fun, including goodies from local traders and competitions for children.  We’ll have our usual traders, plus some new ones who you haven’t seen before.   You can buy all sorts of Easter gifts, from flopsy bunny teddy bears to sweet Easter Treats, hand-made bags, gorgeous jewellery to original artworks….and all from only £1.    ENTRY IS FREEE!!  so why not come along and enjoy an afternoon at Levenshulme’s new community space.


12-4 at Levenshulme Inspire:

747 Stockport Rd, M19 3AR.


This month there are an array of delights including the wonderful laurie Pink, Badge-making, Henna, Easter Egg Design Competition, Colouring competition and an easter egg hunt.  We’ve got some amazing STAR PRIZES, so come along before 3pm and pin up your creation to be in with a chance of winning.

If you want to find out more you can call me on 07870 360213 or drop in on the day and I will be there waiting to welcome you to our wonderful Fair.


Neon Artwork Workshop

by Emily Pitts on March 14, 2011

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Last week I attended a 3 day workshop hosted by MMU and ran by Richard Wheater and Julia Bickerstaff.  The workshop produced some wonderful works in neon and has inspired me to purchase a torch to create more neon artworks.  Images below show the develoopment of works through the workshop.  More images to follow of ‘An Honest Box’, the work which I designed and helped create during the workshop.

To find out more about these amazing Neon Workshops go to:

Richard’s own work is currently on show and for sale at Manchester Craft and Design Centre until 30th April, so get down there and feel the Neon love.


Commission an Artwork

by Emily Pitts on January 24, 2011

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Christmas saw the production of two large scale artworks for clients in the North West.  Both were created following a period of development, which included discussions with the clients about their needs, over an extended period, a series of small scale samples to investigate the colour, form and texture of the commissions and a visit during the production of the work.  The works were both around the same size, but involved a very different approach to making.

The first was more free and flexible, allowing creativity and then focussing in on the composition, colour and texture to fully meet the needs of the client – for a large artwork extending up a stairwell from the half-landing up to the ceiling of the upper landing.  He wanted an artwork to complement the re-decorated hallway and to reflect the muted and calming colours, providing a focal point whilst moving from one area to another.  A slim, tall canvas was created to accentuate the movement up the stairs and draw the eye up the stairwell to the first floor.

The second client specified very distinct requirements in terms of colour, but was flexible about size, texture and the finish of the artwork.  We walked around the space – a living space of approximately 8metres/ 4metres – and discussed the function of the artwork.  To demarcate the space and provide a focal point the client wanted something to bring a long empty white wall into use.  She also has the benefit of a 7th floor apartment and the beautiful views over the North West’s city scape.  We decided to create a mirror of the letterbox windows overlooking the city with a chunky box canvas – 700mm x 2m in size.  The colour red was important and fitted in with the city theme – with lights penetrating up towards the skies and some vibrant colours emanating from the sunsets on the horizon.  From here I developed a series of sketch drawings looking at the different options, including different textures, colour combinations and focus points.  The client visited my studio to discuss and I then went on to develop a sample, which I took to her apartment to check that she was satisfied and ready to proceed.  From here I went on to create the whole work, using a combination of acrylics, mediums, gels and varnishes to create a vibrant and evocative city-scape.

How long does a commission take?

These commissions took different lengths of time.  The preparation work was the key to ensuring that the clients were satisfied with the result.  It involved emails, phone calls, informal discussions to get to know the client, formal discussions about an specifics required and of course, discussions about the cost of the work.  An artwork may only take two days to create, but could involve hours of additional work in the form of planning, trying out new materials and techniques, preparing the canvas, coming back to add layers onto base coats and then coming back to varnish.  It becomes a labour intensive process, but one which is wholly satisfying when the client takes delivery and sees their work mounted perfectly.  It’s a good feeling to get to that stage and to feel that you have really produced something that the client can enjoy and appreciate – a meeting of two minds – a collaborative approach to commissioning work.

If you are interested in the process of commissioning art works, please call or email me and I will be happy to discuss.



by Emily Pitts on October 27, 2010

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Gorgeous Gift Boxes are here!!!!

For £34.50 you can order a unique artwork as a gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.  These are the perfect small gift for someone who seems to have everything.  They fit perfectly into any contemporary home.  The gallery below offer the current selection of works, so you can go ahead, choose online and pay by credit or debit card through Paypal’s secure payment system.  If you want to see the artworks in person, pop into the studio and you can carry it away with you – all wrapped beautifully and ready to give.

[click here TO BUY / more info …]


MEN Article

by Emily Pitts on October 21, 2010

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Check out the centre pages of today’s Manchester Evening News to see more about the business and how it came about.  The article can be found here if you can’t get to the paper:  MEN Article 21.10.10

Thanks for the great write-up MEN!!

Want to know more – sign up for my newsletter or pop in to the next Open Studio, so I can meet you in person.


This new idea – A beautiful artwork wrapped and encased in a luxury box, all ready for giving – will be here very soon.  I’m just adding the finishing touches to designs, but here’s an idea of how it might look…

Watch this space.


Open Studio Success

by Emily Pitts on September 28, 2010

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After a quiet start the Open Studio session today was a big hit, with visitors taking in the artwork on show and enjoying a cup of tea with a slice of home-made cake.  Thank you for coming (if you came) and for all your great feedback.  For those of you who took work away with you, I hope you like it.  If you missed it today, why not come along to the next one – details below.

New artwork on the way…

During the afternoon and into the evening I produced a new small-scale artwork, to be released shortly, entitled ‘I do love you’, which leads on from the immensely popular ‘I just love you’, due to show at the Mall Galleries in London at the end of October.  The use of text has been a recurring tool in my artistic arsenal and I continue to develop it, with recent inspiration from Tate Liverpool’s current exhibition that includes collaborative work with Carol Ann Duffy, poet laureate and other text-based artworks from artists such as Tracy Emin, Jenny Holzer, Laurence Weiner and Gillian Wearing.  A great exhibition, brilliantly curated.  Go to the Tate website…

Next Open Studio:  Weds 6th October    2pm-8pm