Chorlton Arts Festival


For the duration of the Chorlton Arts Festival a selection of my work incorporating text will be on exhibition at the Nip and Tipple in Chorlton, Manchester.

The works span from 1999 to present, offering a precursor for other work being developed for the Buy Art Fair in October at Spinningfields in Manchester City Centre and for private commissions.

The work exemplifies my interest in language, communication and materials, exploring issues and themes that include identity, culture, relationships, gender and mental health.  The use of text is minimal, bringing into question meaning and legibility, whilst the scope of the breadth of the works challenges the notion of the artist maintaining a single identifiable form throughout their work.  One work includes cutting of the canvas, whilst another uses hair, an ephemeral and tactile material.  These investigate both their individual themes and the wider theme of boundaries between a ‘painting’ and ‘sculpture’. At what point is the line between the two crossed and why do we feel a need to put art into such narrowly defined boxes?

If you’re interested in Art and text or just like the idea of perusing the work with a beer or coffee in hand, make your way to the Nip and Tipple, Upper Chorlton Rd from 19th to 30th May.

You may also be interested in the discussion on 23rd May entitled Wordy Women – 7.30pm at Chorlton Library.


For the Chorlton Arts Festival I will be undertaking a discussion with fellow artist Jackie Wylie and Illustrator Caroline Coates on the subject of Women, Art and Text.  We will present a brief history of the use of text in art and go on to discuss the use of text in our own works and that of other prominent women artists from across the globe.

Monday 23rd May 2011:   7.30pm

Chorlton Library and afterwards at Nip and Tipple on Upper Chorlton Rd

Here’s the listing from the Chorlton  Arts Festival website:

“Emily Pitts, Manchester Artist, will host a presentation, outlining a brief history of the use of text in art, with particular reference to women and text, followed by an open discussion with the audience. Emily will be joined by a panel of artists to explore both current and historical practice and the way in which women have taken up the mantel of renowned conceptual artists to develop this medium as a platform for social and political comment. They will present and make reference to their own works and those of artists past and present, including Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger and Lawrence Weiner. The presentation and talk will last approximately 90 minutes and will be followed by a gathering at local bar The Nip and Tipple.”

To find out more about the Chorlton Arts Festival go to the Festival website, where there’s information about the 200+ performances, events and exhibitions.

Call 07870 360213 for more information


Following a full day film shoot on Thursday 5th May with a talented and skilled crew and cast, I can confirm the Film Screening of ‘An Intervention in Chorlton’, a concept developed for Chorlton Arts Festival by the Internation Intervention Clash Mob, of which I am a part.

The project centres on the concept of bringing two everyday ‘worlds’, the home and the bus stop, together to re-engage the public in their spaces and explore familiar places afresh.  Thanks to a skilled cast, the public responded wonderfully to our work on the day and have provided the basis of a fascinating and insightful film which documents the day’s events and explores the ideas of collaborative working, public art and performance outside of traditional spaces.

The film will be screened at Oddest, 414 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton. M21 0SD on Thursday 19th May at 7.30pm

The event is free and open to all, so please come along.

For more information, you can contact me by email, phone or the contact form below.


This Way:Up

by Emily Pitts on May 4, 2011

in Chorlton Arts Festival, News

For Chorlton Arts Festival I have been working with Bread Art Collective as part of their This Way:Up project.  The project is an inspiring collaboration between Bread, Young people, Artists and Businesses in Chorlton, culminating in an exciting array of artworks and interventions in the area for the Festival 19th – 31st May 2011.

Here’s  sneak preview of the work I have created for the project – see if you can find it around the Beech Rd area from 19th May!!  If you’d like to find more about this artwork, come along to WORDY WOMEN:  A discussion about artists and text on Monday 23rd May 7.30 at Chorlton Library and afterwards at Nip & Tipple on Upper Chorlton Rd.

You can find out more about the rest of the project by going to the Bread website.

For more information about the Chorlton Arts Festival you can go to the Festival Website.


As part of Chorlton Arts Festival the Internation Intervention Clash Mob, of which I am a third, are planning a very special Guerilla Intervention in Chorlton on 5th May, two weeks before the festival even gets started. We are a collective consisting of an artist (me), film-maker and visual stylist, brought together at the Creative Industries Networking Group; a group of over a thousand members of the creative industries who meet regularly to share, collaborate and explore new opportunities. The plan for the Festival involves an unconventional look at everyday life, brought about by bringing the inside out and putting our everyday spaces under the microscope on the streets of Chorlton. The fabric of everyday – familiar rooms – will be brought to bus stops around the area, with the public being encouraged to take a second look at those familiar spaces and re-examine them afresh. By filming the interventions and playing it back during the festival, we hope to re-engage people in their city spaces and re-appraise their place within them.

“This is a chance to bring together two separate worlds, the home and the bus stop, and to observe the interaction of the public who are already a part of those spaces. We hope it will give people the authority to do something different and in doing so create a higher level of freedom in the places that effectively belong to us all.” The work of the collective draws upon the public art works of artists such as Helen Marshall and Jenny Holzer, each of whom work within the public realm to challenge the viewer and to engage people outside formal gallery spaces.

“This work investigates the individual’s role in city space, the role of the bus stop as a key node of interaction and the idea of community and what communities mean in the 21st century,” says Louise Broadstock. “As a visual stylist, it’s interesting to create unusual juxtapositions and to make people take a second glance.”

Sarah Hodgetts, film-maker for Alias Productions, will be documenting the events that unfurl on film, which will be screened at the opening of the Chorlton Arts Festival at 7.30pm on 19th May at Odder.  So, if you dream of being immortalised on screen, get to Chorlton on Thursday 5th May and become part of our guerilla experiment.