February 2012

I have been very fortunate to work with Groundwork Cheshire on a commission at their Grozone project since October.  The commission is an extended participatory project – working with volunteers and visitors to the Community Garden to create an arts trail using materials from the garden around the theme of Humans within our Landscape.

At the first session we worked together on a creative ‘writing’ exercise (I did the writing and the volunteers did the creative!).  They produced a wonderful poem, which takes in all of the senses and the experience of being in the garden.

Working with each volunteer individually at different times, I helped them to incorporate their ideas of creativity into a coherent plan, using parts of the garden that were disused and also bringing horticulture and ecology into the plan.

What has developed is an evolving series of works including:

  • A Willow Cloud suspended between two trees
  • A Storytelling Circle with suspended wooden glocks (Almost finished!)
  • An Entrance Wall with a poetry puzzle (still in progress!)
  • A Silver Birch Spider fungus sculpture
  • A stacked wooden staircase (Still in progress)

Volunteers have worked really hard to develop ideas and to help shape the garden and the arts trail, as you will see from the photographs.


As part of the arts trail commission for Groundwork we have been working with willow grown in the community garden at Grozone in Northwich.

Using nature’s own resources and working with the ethos of Groundwork, the garden and the volunteers we used willow cut freshly from the grounds and from the weeping willows along the nearby river along with stunning dogwood, to make a series of interlocking circles to create a large ‘cloud’ to be suspended as an archway through from one area of the garden to the other.  Within the circles we used string to ‘write’ a part of the poem that the volunteers created during our first session together.


I am Virtually Invisible

by Emily Pitts on February 15, 2012

in Latest For Sale, Provocative, Text Art

First exhibited at the Buy Art Fair 2011 in Manchester, here is a new piece of work, constructed out of laser-cut perspex:

A series of hearts cascade down from one central heart shaped, perspex centre-piece with individul letters, spelling out the words “I am virtually invisible’, suspended from the hearts.  The mobile, which catches the light, casting tantalising reflections onto the background, gently drifts around on a single thread, in constant flux, but virtually invisible, particularly when suspended above eye level.

The work hangs best well above eye level – making itself virtually invisible, except when moving slightly and catching light at the edges.


Art Art Art : Low-fi Leaflets

by Emily Pitts on February 15, 2012

in Text Art

In 2001, using dictionary definitions, found language and well known quotations, I created and distributed a series of leaflets in Stratford upon Avon, my birthplace and where I lived.  Each leaflet contains a distinct theme – consumption, prejudice, objectification and art itself.
The idea of low-fi creation of work for the public realm and outside of the gallery interests me – being able to take challenging ideas and questions to ordinary people.  The work was influenced by the Artist Jenny Holzer, whose diverse methods of making and exhibiting art formed the basis of my dissertation entitled ‘Wordy Women’, which I completed at the same time as this work was being developed.
Here are a few images and if you would like to see the full set of four leaflets, please contact me.