June 2011

Artwork in Acrylic, inspired by the bright lights of the city of Manchester, with reference to the environmental impact we have on our landscape.  In vibrant colours, the piece encourages closer inspection, drawing in the viewer and tempting a touch.


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New York – Wall Painting

by Emily Pitts on June 24, 2011

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Following an enquiry I was asked to complete this commission on a bedroom wall, for a Manchester-based client.  After an initial consultation, I created a series of mock-ups for the client, to give an idea of the type of image which might work in the space.  As the client was unsure of colour, I developed a series of colour samples from which the client chose their preferred image and colour.

The wall, sized approx. 2.3metres x 2metres, sits within a bedroom unit and is the backdrop for the bed.  The commission, which took approximately four days to plan and complete, has been well received.

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A few months ago I was contacted to complete an artwork commission to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a couple.  The piece focused on the time and place that the couple met and gave me the opportunity to create a unique marker of not only their wedding anniversary but also their way of meeting.

The anniversary was their second, which is traditionally marked by Cotton.  Taking this material and using the place they met as a guide, I undertook research about the place, the event and the weather, which culminated in the piece you can see below.  The piece is a summation of the weather, the place and the explosion of excitement that ensued from the meeting.  I used significant colours from the wedding to symbolise the importance of this meeting to their anniversary.

Here’s what Phil, the commissioner of the artwork, had to say:

“I contacted Emily ahead of my anniversary in order to get her to create something made from cotton. With very little direction Emily created a wonderful picture on canvass that really summed up the day my wife and I met! To say I was showered in brownie points was an understatement. Excellent work!”

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