Emily Pitts: Creative Artist


I’m Emily, a Manchester artist.  I create tactile art using paint and other materials about different themes.  I also create conceptual artwork using ideas as the central generator of the work.  Project work, with schools and in the community, form a large part of my practice and help me to engage with new ideas and help other people break free from the rigid constraints of the traditional perceptions of art.  My work on projects can be found using the tabs above.

On the right side of the site you can see some over-arching themes.  At my studio I am constantly developing work and welcome you to come and visit.

A bit about my personal creative interests…

Materiality – I like the way different materials work and look and feel, and how they express different things according to how they are used and manipulated.  I get physically involved in making each work and sometimes work for up to 12 hours at a time standing and moving around the piece I am creating.  At present I’m working with hair!

Evocation – The use of materials in different and surprising ways to evoke your feelings and emotions – to create connections and experiences that you can enjoy or connect with.

Questions – Viewer involvement in the works is important; through an emotional connection or to find your own meaning and interpretation of the work.

Text –

Language, words and text pervade all of our spaces, but so often lack. I am interested in the nuances of language and how the expressions we use in everyday language can be appropriated and examined through artworks. Works using text often provide an element of reflection and self-assessment.

Environment – I am a passionate environmentalist, with a real grasp of the practicalities and difficulties of living sustainably. Some of my work alludes to my thoughts and observations of our landscapes and environment – the ‘All That Glitters’ work fits into this category – take a look.

Stereotypes and challenge – I like to challenge pre-conceptions and invoke discussion, debate and comment. See some provocative artwork.

If you would like me to create some art just for you, please contact me.